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Author name: Mohammad Kharboush

The Concept of Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks, what are they?

In today’s world, cyber-attacks have become a threat to the security of nations, and cybersecurity has become more important than ever. With the increasing threats to companies, having strong security measures in place has become extremely necessary. We’ve all heard of companies facing hefty fines or even shutting down due to a simple breach in […]

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How to Contact Facebook Support

Contacting Facebook support has become essential in the era of online customer service, where we’re used to easily reaching out to companies. Online chats and emails have become the most efficient and immediate ways to reach companies whose services we rely on every day. However, when it comes to the social media giant, the process

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How to Choose a Hosting Plan

Are you wondering how to choose a hosting plan to increase your website’s visibility on the Internet? We understand that selecting the right hosting plan has a significant impact on creating your site. It’s akin to stocking goods in a store for purchase – without it, your website’s construction remains incomplete. Choosing the Hosting Plan

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Protect Your Social Media Accounts

 Protect Your Social Media Accounts

There is no doubt that many users of social media platforms are constantly in need of discovering effective ways to protect their accounts in recent times, due to the exposure of many accounts to hacking, theft, or intrusion. Let’s demonstrate this topic from all aspects and highlight the most important details possible. Importance of Protecting

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